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PCB modulatorI am now taking custom orders for effects. Take advantage of my years of guitar effects design to help realize that elusive sound that no standard model could ever quite capture. Or maybe you just need a custom utility box to solve a signal routing problem in your rig? I can design to fit whatever your needs and budget. Over the years, I’ve designed and built everything from weird dual modulated oscillating wah filters to mundane A/B boxes, and I look forward to coming up with something new for you!

Please use the Custom Shop Quote Request form to contact me and we can begin discussing your needs and desires. Also, please see the page of things I won’t build for some general guidelines.


Custom Shop Quote Request

If you are interested in a Custom Shop effect, please fill out and submit the form below so we can get your project started! *please see the little help boxes for more in-depth descriptions of some options Request For Custom Effect Quote:

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What I WON’T Build

I hate to even have to say this, but there are a few things that I will refuse to build. Some of these things are based on past experiences, and other ones are legal/ethics-related and to protect the integrity of my business (such as it is). If there is something you really really want that …

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