Dec 08 2014

Closed Until January 2015

Greetings Everyone,

I have successfully relocated to Ithaca, NY. I was thinking I would be able to get back into building pedals right away, but I’m going to be getting married soon and I’m in the middle of working out a transfer to a new university. So, there is just too much happening in my life right now to be able to build. I will now say that shop is officially “closed” until at least the beginning of 2015.

But I have some interesting new things in the works – I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I can possibly update the Four Banger mk2 to be improved. At the very least, it must have a new PCB designed for it, to better accommodate the new style JFETs I have started using it (I have successfully mounted them on the old boards, but it’s a real pain…). I don’t know if the changes will be enough to constitute calling it a “Four Banger mk3″ yet, but I’m thinking it will at least be a “mk 2,5″. I’m also very interested in possibly doing some dual pedals. I have built a few one-off custom dual overdrives and OD/Boost combos in the past, and they always turned out well, so now I’m thinking of what might be good combinations to offer as regular models. I am also seriously considering getting back into taking custom orders – those are usually the most fun builds for me!

When I have time for it, I will also start publishing some DIY articles. I have alot of interesting design ideas that would probably be fun to build, but really wouldn’t be practical for me to try to sell as finished products.

Have a good Holiday Season!


Sep 01

Selling Some Guitars

Greetings everyone! I’m back from my adventure in Maine at the Atlantic Music Festival. Had an absolutely amazing time! As a result of my experiences, I’ve decided to transfer schools and relocate to New York.

To fund this cross-country move, I’ve decided to sell a large portion of my guitar collection. You can find what I am selling on my ebay page here:
I have a handful of things up now, and will likely add more soon… keep checking, I have lots of guitar stuff to unload before I can move. I also have a couple vintage wahs and maybe a couple other pedals that I will most likely put up on this site under the “Used & Vintage” page.

Please help support a starving student attend a better school by purchasing these funky vintage guitars. :)

Jul 03

“Closed” for July

Hello everyone,

I will be out of town from July 4 thru August 3, 2014. I won’t be building any pedals during this time. I will still be checking email, so if you may place an order or ask a question, but no new pedals will be built until I return.


Mar 28

Another Illuminated OD in stock!

I have another beautiful Illuminated Overdrive in stock, sitting here waiting for a loving home. This one has an especially bold pattern to its design, and I’m sure you will be impressed by it.

First person gets it!


Dec 28

Illuminated OD in Stock!

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season! I’ve been busy, but I made time to build up an extra Illuminated OD, so I have one in stock ready to ship out today. Email the orders address and I’ll get it right out to you!

Jun 07

Newborns Seek Good Homes

Fresh from the ovens, these two are looking for some good people to give them loving homes.

New pedals in stock

They just want some love.

Jun 05

Four Banger & Illuminated OD in Stock

I now have a Four Banger mk2 in stock. And I will have an Illuminated OD finished and ready to ship in the next day or so. Anyone wanting either of these without having to wait an eternity, now is your chance! :)

The Four Banger I have here is one of the first to use the new SK880 JFET for the “J” boost section. After a good stock of 2SK117 had become almost completely unobtainium, I tried a few different JFETs in the circuit. I built a couple using MPF102s, and this gave a good sound, though a bit tamer than the ‘117. But, now even the venerable MPF102 has been discontinued, so I had to find a new alternative. Fortunately, my wishes have been fulfilled with the Toshiba 2SK880. This is a top-quality modern JFET that gives performance as good (and maybe even a bit better) than the 2SK117. Only trouble is that it is only available as an SMD device. But this is only a minor inconvenience, being the resourceful individual I am, I was able to fashion some little adaptor boards that allow me to use them in the place of the original thru-hole components without any need to throw out all the old boards. Success!

Nov 15

New Illuminated OD Boards Now Here!

The new boards for the Illuminated Overdrive have arrived! I am very pleased with the new design. I was able to shrink the size of the board and fit it into a much smaller space. This has allowed me to have all controls and clipping switch mounted directly to the board. And that’s a big deal, because it means that not only is there much less wiring needed, the board is also now held securely in place. It is also now much easier to remove the board after construction, in case it ever needs servicing. This is turning out to be a highly versatile board size, so I plan to make it the standard outline I use for all designs that use this box size.

New Illuminated OD Boards

They’re black!

You may notice that you only see two opamp chips instead of the usual 3. Don’t worry, the third chip is still there! It is now living on the underside of the board. To save on space, I opted to use an SMD version of the ‘1044 charge pump chip that is used for the voltage inverter/doubler circuit. This is no problem, because the only difference between the SMD and full-size versions of the chip are the amount of power they are able to source without burning up. The Illuminated Overdrive only requires a tiny amount of current from it, so the smaller sized chip is well within its safe limits. In fact, you would be able to power several of them from one chip and not hurt it! No reason to eat up all that space with a big chip when you don’t need to.

So, yes, I now have the parts in stock again to build the Illuminated Overdrive. If you have enquired about one recently, I will have one built for you very soon, and if you’ve been thinking about ordering one, now would be an excellent time. :)

And have you noticed, they are black? It was totally worth the extra money; they look beautiful – as any Illuminated Overdrive should be.

Oct 01

Folk Driver Available

SoulSonicFX Folk DriverJust finished this beautiful one-of-a-kind Folk Driver overdrive in a color I’m calling “Cobalt Blue Iridescent Pearl”. This is a very pleasing mild overdrive intended for people playing jazz or looking for a unique boost. The tone ranges from neutral, to fat, to mid-peaky, depending on the setting of the Timbre control. This also controls the amount of overdrive, with the least amount being at the 12 o’clock position, and more being added with a fatter tone or mid-peaked tone depending whether you turn clockwise or anticlockwise. More info can be seen here: Folk Driver Page

The price for the Folk Driver is $130USD SOLD! (don’t worry, I’ll build another tomorrow!), shipped worldwide via the postal service. Drop me a line at if you want it. I will be building some more in other colors soon. I try to give each Folk Driver a unique finish.

Jul 26

Illuminated OD in stock, ready to ship!

Just finished off a big batch of Illuminated Overdrives. So, I can now happily say these are in stock, ready to ship immediately. I am also proud that I was able to get them built quicker than any previous batch – I believe I’ve gotten a good build system down now. Order one now before they’re sold out again! :)

The next batch will be some Four Bangers. I will start those probably toward the end of next week.

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