Aug 09 2015

Back From Vacation

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great summer. I have returned from my trip to the other side of the world, and I’m ready to build and take orders! I have a couple things in stock ready to go. I’ve also decided to expand my offerings by now accepting inquiries for custom builds. I love to design and build new effects, so I’m very much looking forward to what people will ask for. Please see the Custom Shop! page for an online quotation submission form that will get your custom project started.

I also plan to soon put up a page for kit building quotations.

Jun 25

Vacation Sale

Hello Everybody,

I will be going on vacation from July 4 until July 28. I will not be filling any orders at that time.

But that doesn’t stop you from getting a deal on something RIGHT NOW. Use the coupon code VACATION between now and July 1, 2015 and get a 10% discount on each item in your order at the SOULSONICFX ONLINE SHOP.

Also, remember that the code FREESHIP will give free priority mail shipping within the ConUS any time.

May 21 2015

Folk Driver DIY Build Instructions

Hello, since I’m now selling blank Folk Driver board in my STORE, I figured it would be a good idea to write up a build document for it. The PDF can be found HERE. Warning, this is a rather large file at 19MB, but I wanted to include some photos to aid in construction and that bloated it a bit, but hey, bandwidth is cheap…

The document includes the full schematic, updated with test voltages, a bill of materials, a drill template to line the board up correctly on the box if you choose to use PCB-mounted controls, and some general helpful instructions for building it.

Enjoy building!

Apr 08

Folk Driver & Shizzle Deluxe Now In Stock


Hello everybody! I have a few freshly-built Folk Drivers and Shizzle Deluxes now in stock and ready to ship.

Shizzle Deluxe   Folk Driver

I am very pleased with the new circuit boards I have designed for them… made them much easier and quicker for me to assemble and the sound quality is exactly as it should be.

Speaking of circuit boards, you can now purchase blank Folk Driver boards to build your own HERE! Be on the lookout for a full DIY kit for the Folk Driver coming soon. That should be ready to go as soon as I finish writing up some detailed construction instructions. In the meantime, experienced DIYers can have fun with the blank boards.

Mar 24

Want a Deal on an Illuminated OD?

Hello Everyone,

I now have some of my pedals available at a local music store here in Ithaca called McNeil Music. They have an Illuminated OD in stock right now.  Check it out here: McNeil Music

They have a very good price on it, so if you’re looking for a deal on a new one, here is your best choice. You can order from their online store, or if you happen to be in the Finger Lakes region of New York, you can stop in and test-drive in person! I really like this store, so I will do my best to try and get a full lineup in there.

Feb 21

Four Banger mk3!



Greetings everyone! I’m happy to say that I have finished the first of the Four Banger mk3s, and it tests perfect. Many people have been asking for a Four Banger lately, and I am very excited to finally have something fresh to offer everyone!

This new version features some key improvements over the mk2 – most important to me is the return to using a vintage germanium transistor for the “R” Rangemaster boost. I feel that I have finally found one that is of sufficient quality and consistency that I can get easily in large enough quantities for it to be worth using in a regular production pedal. I’ve also found an excellent current production JFET for use in the “J” boost. My previous favorite JFET, the 2SK117, is long out of production and unfortunately, finding a reliable source for good audio JFETs is almost impossible as the market is completely flooded with fakes. Fortunately, Toshiba is still manufacturing an excellent audio JFET in the form of the 2SK880. This transistor is only available in an SMD package, but this is only a small inconvenience. I’m so impressed with the quality of the ‘880, that it is probably my new favorite and you will certainly see them appearing in other designs of mine. I have also recently fallen in love with the OP275 opamp manufactured by Audio Devices, so this has become the one of choice to use in the “O” opamp boost. I’ve also given up using SMD resistors as I had used in the mk2. I figured that by going back to using thru-hole resistors, I had more choices for quality and it might make things easier on other people if someone were to need to repair it, or perhaps tinker with modifying it.

First one is ready to ship right now, and more will be available very soon… probably in a day or two. You can purchase them from the NEW SoulSonicFX online shop, right here: FOUR BANGER MK3

Feb 01

Folk Driver & Shizzle Deluxe Boards Incoming!

I’ve just placed an order for circuit boards for the Folk Driver and Shizzle Deluxe. Expect some of these to be available in the online shop very soon! This will be my first time using boards manufactured by someone else for these – previously, I have been etching most of the boards myself. But, using factory-etched boards for the Illuminated OD and Four Banger has spoiled me, and I’m going to be switching over to using factory-etched boards for everything except custom one-offs. It just makes my life alot easier and gets things built much faster. It will also help to make a more consistent final product. Etching and drilling circuit boards at home is a laborious and time consuming process and it is part of why my wait time has been so long in the past. All the components on the boards will still be hand-assembled by me.

Since one of the boards I have ordered is for the Folk Driver, I will finally start offering that as a kit. I had promised to do this long ago, but never got around to getting a quantity of boards sufficient enough to do it. I will sell them both as full kits, and as individual boards. I would like to offer some other kits in the future as well, or at least a selection of DIY circuit boards.


Jan 31

Open Again, Taking Orders at New Store!

Hello Everyone,

I have gotten back into production and am now taking orders again. And to make purchasing easier, I now have an online store up and running. I will add more products to it as I get stock assembled. Right now, I have an Illuminated OD in stock and ready to ship, and more should be ready in the next few days.

You can visit the store here: SoulSonicFX Online Store

Also, I am happy to announce the imminent release of the brand new Four Banger mk3! I have given the circuit some more tweaking and I am very pleased with how it has evolved. I have finally found a good supply of consistent high quality germanium transistors that now makes it possible for me to use a vintage germanium for the Rangemaster section of the boost. I was happy with how the prototype sounded, and I think anyone who is looking for the classic germanium Rangemaster tone will be impressed. The new circuit boards are currently en route to me, and I will be begin building a run of the mk3 as soon as they arrive.

Dec 08 2014

Closed Until January 2015

Greetings Everyone,

I have successfully relocated to Ithaca, NY. I was thinking I would be able to get back into building pedals right away, but I’m going to be getting married soon and I’m in the middle of working out a transfer to a new university. So, there is just too much happening in my life right now to be able to build. I will now say that shop is officially “closed” until at least the beginning of 2015.

But I have some interesting new things in the works – I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I can possibly update the Four Banger mk2 to be improved. At the very least, it must have a new PCB designed for it, to better accommodate the new style JFETs I have started using it (I have successfully mounted them on the old boards, but it’s a real pain…). I don’t know if the changes will be enough to constitute calling it a “Four Banger mk3” yet, but I’m thinking it will at least be a “mk 2,5”. I’m also very interested in possibly doing some dual pedals. I have built a few one-off custom dual overdrives and OD/Boost combos in the past, and they always turned out well, so now I’m thinking of what might be good combinations to offer as regular models. I am also seriously considering getting back into taking custom orders – those are usually the most fun builds for me!

When I have time for it, I will also start publishing some DIY articles. I have alot of interesting design ideas that would probably be fun to build, but really wouldn’t be practical for me to try to sell as finished products.

Have a good Holiday Season!


Sep 01

Selling Some Guitars

Greetings everyone! I’m back from my adventure in Maine at the Atlantic Music Festival. Had an absolutely amazing time! As a result of my experiences, I’ve decided to transfer schools and relocate to New York.

To fund this cross-country move, I’ve decided to sell a large portion of my guitar collection. You can find what I am selling on my ebay page here:
I have a handful of things up now, and will likely add more soon… keep checking, I have lots of guitar stuff to unload before I can move. I also have a couple vintage wahs and maybe a couple other pedals that I will most likely put up on this site under the “Used & Vintage” page.

Please help support a starving student attend a better school by purchasing these funky vintage guitars. 🙂

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