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Shizzle Deluxe Fuzz

Shizzle Deluxe Fuzz

The standard Shizzle is a versatile and interesting fuzz itself, but I was wondering what kind of further variation I could come up with along the same themes. I had noticed that several other well-known boutique fuzzes were voiced with a decidedly “soft” “overdrive-y” sort of a tone. I wondered if I could come up with something similar. I had built a couple of the other kinds to hear them for myself, and while the sound was usually nice, I found many things about the actual circuit that I did not like. So, I put to myself the task of designing a new, more refined, version of the Shizzle that would please those who desire a smooth natural fuzz that can get a variety of low-to-medium overdrive tones, as well as some more intense distortions if pushed. I believe I was successful, and the result is probably my most “boutique” sounding fuzz.

Using a mixed trio of JFET, BiPolar Silicon, and Germanium transistors, I’m able to present a circuit where each type is carefully chosen for the best performance in its respective position in the circuit. The JFET gives low noise and a high input impedance your guitar wants, the BiPolar Silicon for gain and thermal stability, and finally an NOS Germanium to give that signature tone you desire. You have control over Fat, for low frequency content, Gain, for how much the JFET stage drives the fuzz, Fuzz for how much gain the actual fuzz section has (affects its tonality a bit too), Hi for high frequency content, and finally Level to control how hot of a signal you want coming out.  And of course, any refined boutique fuzz such as this must be fully compatible with all the standard 9v power supplies – even daisy chains are no problem.

Have a listen to this short song I wrote and recorded to demonstrate the variety of sounds it can get. All the guitar tracks are played only through a Shizzle Deluxe into a Gibson GA-5 amplifier. The amp was mic’d with a Cascade Fat Head 2 into a Presonus Blue Tube preamp. The tracks were minimally processed in the mix to ensure you’re hearing as close to the original sound coming from the amp as possible. You will hear a variety of low to high gain tones played with both humbucker and single coil pickups. Please excuse the sloppy playing. 😉  ShizzleDeluxe1


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