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Jan 31

Open Again, Taking Orders at New Store!

Hello Everyone, I have gotten back into production and am now taking orders again. And to make purchasing easier, I now have an online store up and running. I will add more products to it as I get stock assembled. Right now, I have an Illuminated OD in stock and ready to ship, and more …

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Mar 28

Another Illuminated OD in stock!

I have another beautiful Illuminated Overdrive in stock, sitting here waiting for a loving home. This one has an especially bold pattern to its design, and I’m sure you will be impressed by it. First person gets it! SOLD!!!

Dec 28

Illuminated OD in Stock!

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season! I’ve been busy, but I made time to build up an extra Illuminated OD, so I have one in stock ready to ship out today. Email the orders address and I’ll get it right out to you!

Jun 07

Newborns Seek Good Homes

New pedals in stock

Fresh from the ovens, these two are looking for some good people to give them loving homes. orders@soulsonicfx.com

Jun 05

Four Banger & Illuminated OD in Stock

I now have a Four Banger mk2 in stock. And I will have an Illuminated OD finished and ready to ship in the next day or so. Anyone wanting either of these without having to wait an eternity, now is your chance! 🙂 The Four Banger I have here is one of the first to …

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Nov 15

New Illuminated OD Boards Now Here!

New Illuminated OD Boards

The new boards for the Illuminated Overdrive have arrived! I am very pleased with the new design. I was able to shrink the size of the board and fit it into a much smaller space. This has allowed me to have all controls and clipping switch mounted directly to the board. And that’s a big …

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Jul 26

Illuminated OD in stock, ready to ship!

Just finished off a big batch of Illuminated Overdrives. So, I can now happily say these are in stock, ready to ship immediately. I am also proud that I was able to get them built quicker than any previous batch – I believe I’ve gotten a good build system down now. Order one now before …

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Jul 18

Building Some Overdrives

Just a quick update for everyone. I’ve moved and am getting settled in to the new place. I am now working on a batch of Illuminated Overdrives to fulfill a handful of orders and replenish my stock. I hope to have them done by the end of this week. Still waiting on some components to …

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Jun 26

Moving Sale!!!

I’m getting ready to move to new digs at the end of the month and I’m sitting on some inventory that needs to go! I have some Four Bangers and Illuminated Overdrives in stock and ready to ship immediately. If you order between Tuesday June 26 and Saturday June 30, 2012, you can get either …

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Jun 04

Now Accepting Limited Orders

I am getting things back into gear and am now accepting limited orders for the Four Banger mk2 and the Illuminated Overdrive. I will resume production of the rest of the product line (including a bunch of cool new ones!) soon, but since the Four Banger and Illuminated are my most popular, I figured it …

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