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May 21 2015

Folk Driver DIY Build Instructions

Hello, since I’m now selling blank Folk Driver board in my STORE, I figured it would be a good idea to write up a build document for it. The PDF can be found HERE. Warning, this is a rather large file at 19MB, but I wanted to include some photos to aid in construction and …

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Apr 08

Folk Driver & Shizzle Deluxe Now In Stock

Hello everybody! I have a few freshly-built Folk Drivers and Shizzle Deluxes now in stock and ready to ship. Shizzle Deluxe   Folk Driver I am very pleased with the new circuit boards I have designed for them… made them much easier and quicker for me to assemble and the sound quality is exactly as it …

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Feb 01

Folk Driver & Shizzle Deluxe Boards Incoming!

I’ve just placed an order for circuit boards for the Folk Driver and Shizzle Deluxe. Expect some of these to be available in the online shop very soon! This will be my first time using boards manufactured by someone else for these – previously, I have been etching most of the boards myself. But, using …

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