There are many great fuzzes out there. Germanium, Silicon, Classic, Modern… I have a variety of different flavors here for you to try.

Shizzle Deluxe Fuzz

The standard Shizzle is a versatile and interesting fuzz itself, but I was wondering what kind of further variation I could come up with along the same themes. I had noticed that several other well-known boutique fuzzes were voiced with a decidedly “soft” “overdrive-y” sort of a tone. I wondered if I could come up …

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shizzle buffer

Shizzle Fuzz

The Shizzle was the first cool fuzz I came up with over 3 years ago. It was inspired by the great sound I got when I boosted the input of a standard Fuzz Face with a Rangemaster. I built the two together as one circuit, added a bunch of extra switches for changing the tone, …

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