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Illuminated Overdrive

Illuminated ODI have been building the Illuminated Overdrive clandestinely in various forms for several years now. It is the result of my work reverse-engineering the popular Klon Centaur overdrive. I say “clandestinely” because I’m not interested in having the reputation of being a cloner, and the Centaur has always been a rather hot-button issue when it comes to the subject of copying rare effects. But, the scarcity and high second-hand prices of the original have created a demand for “Klones “that I cannot ignore. And now that the originals are no longer being made, I have no problem with openly offering my version of this clean boost/overdrive.

But this isn’t a simple copy, I don’t like copying without trying to at least make some improvements wherever possible. I use higher-quality components wherever I can and try to do whatever possible to wrench the most performance from the circuit. The most obvious difference is the addition of the 3-way toggle switch labeled “Norm, Hot, Asym”. This selects between three different clipping modes, each with its own characteristic tone.

  • Norm is the normal mode – this gives the same signature dark overdrive sound as the original Centaur.
  • Asym gives an asymmetrical clipping mode which has a more active harmonic character and a tone many people consider “tube-like”.
  • Hot is very loud and crunchy – almost the exact polar opposite of the soft, dark normal mode.

The finish is a true work of art as beautiful and unique as the overdrive itself. Each is hand-painted a deep metallic gold using iridescent acrylic pigments with a breathtaking silver vein pattern over top. Photos simply cannot do it justice as the depth of the pattern changes depending on the angle it’s viewed. A tough gloss over-coat protects the beauty.

All Illuminated Overdrives now include a True Bypass/Buffered toggle that allows you to select which bypass style works best with your rig at no additional charge!