ab splitterSoulSonicFX is now located in central Long Island, NY!

I have been designing and building guitar effects of all kinds since around 2007. I started working in electronics in 2005 as an assembler in various contract electronics assembly houses. My last full-time assembly job was working for Weber VST where I hand-wired all versions of their “MASS” amp attenuators, “Bias Rite” bias meters, assembled amp kits for customers, and performed repairs on any damaged equipment that was sent in. Their “Heather” amp kit is based on a Soldano style amp that I designed and built for myself while I was working there. After leaving Weber, I started focusing on my own designs and began building custom pedals for my friends. I built a few amps too, but I found the most satisfaction in designing new pedals, so that is what I have focused on.

I am proud to have built many interesting custom designs over the years. If you are interested in a custom pedal, please see the Custom Shop! page. If you are interested in one the standard models I may have in stock, please see my Purchase page.

If you would like to contact me with any general questions, please use the form below.

-Martin C. – SoulSonicFX-

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