Feb 21

Four Banger mk3!



Greetings everyone! I’m happy to say that I have finished the first of the Four Banger mk3s, and it tests perfect. Many people have been asking for a Four Banger lately, and I am very excited to finally have something fresh to offer everyone!

This new version features some key improvements over the mk2 – most important to me is the return to using a vintage germanium transistor for the “R” Rangemaster boost. I feel that I have finally found one that is of sufficient quality and consistency that I can get easily in large enough quantities for it to be worth using in a regular production pedal. I’ve also found an excellent current production JFET for use in the “J” boost. My previous favorite JFET, the 2SK117, is long out of production and unfortunately, finding a reliable source for good audio JFETs is almost impossible as the market is completely flooded with fakes. Fortunately, Toshiba is still manufacturing an excellent audio JFET in the form of the 2SK880. This transistor is only available in an SMD package, but this is only a small inconvenience. I’m so impressed with the quality of the ‘880, that it is probably my new favorite and you will certainly see them appearing in other designs of mine. I have also recently fallen in love with the OP275 opamp manufactured by Audio Devices, so this has become the one of choice to use in the “O” opamp boost. I’ve also given up using SMD resistors as I had used in the mk2. I figured that by going back to using thru-hole resistors, I had more choices for quality and it might make things easier on other people if someone were to need to repair it, or perhaps tinker with modifying it.

First one is ready to ship right now, and more will be available very soon… probably in a day or two. You can purchase them from the NEW SoulSonicFX online shop, right here: FOUR BANGER MK3