Feb 01

Folk Driver & Shizzle Deluxe Boards Incoming!

I’ve just placed an order for circuit boards for the Folk Driver and Shizzle Deluxe. Expect some of these to be available in the online shop very soon! This will be my first time using boards manufactured by someone else for these – previously, I have been etching most of the boards myself. But, using factory-etched boards for the Illuminated OD and Four Banger has spoiled me, and I’m going to be switching over to using factory-etched boards for everything except custom one-offs. It just makes my life alot easier and gets things built much faster. It will also help to make a more consistent final product. Etching and drilling circuit boards at home is a laborious and time consuming process and it is part of why my wait time has been so long in the past. All the components on the boards will still be hand-assembled by me.

Since one of the boards I have ordered is for the Folk Driver, I will finally start offering that as a kit. I had promised to do this long ago, but never got around to getting a quantity of boards sufficient enough to do it. I will sell them both as full kits, and as individual boards. I would like to offer some other kits in the future as well, or at least a selection of DIY circuit boards.